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Digital Artwork  

Live Digital Artwork

We are constantly evolving and on a journey of self discovery where we are moving toward a better version of ourselves. I am working on creating 'live' artworks that resemble that journey. I live on the island of Newfoundland and it has been a continued theme in my traditional artwork, digital artwork and now in my 'live' digital work.  I am seeking to create artwork that will resemble the rolling waves of the ocean in a seamless loop allowing for the synergy of movement and meditation, bringing forward the healing powers of nature. 

Still Digital Artwork


Soft palette, hints of the ocean, and free flowing energy to soothe your soul and allow you to find your breath.


Artwork purchased by Amazon
You can now enjoy my artwork on Amazon's Fire TV Omni QLED Series on their screensaver program! Transform your viewing experience with vibrant, uplifting and unique pieces. 

National Post Press Release 

Streaming on Loupe Art TV


 Artwork available for purchase.  

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