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To Blog or Not to Blog

Yes, I see the irony. My first blog post is me questioning whether or not to start a blog. I have toyed around with the idea for an eternity, and in truth I have started a few, only to delete them five minutes later. But the reality is, I love to write. I love to ponder. I love to talk. I love to think. I love to question. So here I am again. I am a blogger! In my head I am sitting in a super trendy cafe in a super trendy neighbourhood, where everyone is hip and happy and basking in the sunshine, chatting enthusiastically about everything and nothing. My reality? I am slouched in my oversized grey chair in my PJ's with my laptop, pumping coffee into my system relishing in my well deserved weekend. My sweet puppers are in and out of sleep on my lap, and indie music is playing in the background. Hubby is out getting some me time, so I get a break from TSN.

A Peek into My Life

I guess I should probably start at the beginning and give you some insight into who I am. Well, I am the eldest of 4, and my family is downright wonderful. Totally normal, almost boring. I do not have any children (except our 2 doggies - Harry, a Westie, and Sampson, a Maltese, and yes, they rule our world) and I have a super hot hubby, who is no doubt my soulmate. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education and Education, Master of Education and a Graduate Diploma in IT. I have successfully split myself into two people, and I work full time as a PE teacher and as an artist, and I absolutely love it.

I have always been a bit of a vagabond, and I had my first taste of the wonderful world of travelling at the age of 14. I played on our provincial basketball team for a number of years, and this meant travelling across the country. That first bite of the forbidden fruit was tasty!! During university, I spent a summer semester just outside of London in Harlow, and that was it. I ate the entire apple. After university, I worked in a cubicle (eek!) as a web designer, and one day, I literally up and left and took a job at an international school in Cairo, Egypt. Needless to say it was an amazing experience!! An entirely new lifestyle opened up to me. Greece, Israel, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain - it was vagabond heaven. After a year, I moved home, lasted only a few months before I grew bored again, then on a whim I moved to Toronto where I lived the glorious trendy downtown lifestyle for a few years. Naturally, I grew tired of it, and jetted off to Frankfurt, Germany to teach at another international school. More travel. More inspiration. It was during that time, that my soulmate permanently walked into my life. One problem - he was in Jupiter, Florida. Soooo, after a year, off to the sunny south I went (with a summer pitstop in Philadelphia and a few months back home), and it was there that I felt home. I fell in love with the chill lifestyle, the ocean, the colours, the happy smiles. Art drifted back into my soul. I turned our spare room into an art studio, and settlement I felt. A bright beautiful colourful world was my center. After seven years, I am back home on the rock. We call it the rock, because, well, it is a large rock in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. A beautiful, rugged granite island at the edge of the earth. Literally. Check out this video, and you will understand.

So here I sit in my PJ's, pondering. I teach during the week, so painting is put on hold. My weekends are my studio days. So I better get at it. I have to start filling my head with colour, not words. There is no room in my brain for thoughts. I paint void of thought. True to my nature, I never have a plan when I enter my studio - I just roll with whatever lovely thought pops into my head. It is the magic that keeps me breathing. :)

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