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Art Resin - Yes Please!

Art Fusion Galleries

Isn't it funny how something so simple can change your path entirely? Artists are constantly fighting that inner self and trying to both progress and perfect at the same time. The artist mind is a unique one; driven by the need of self expressionism and the powerful force to put everything that they see and feel out there for the world to view and experience. Once they feel like they have accomplished something magical, they are on to the next project pushing themselves to their max.

I have always been fascinated by bold bright colors and usually work with acrylics on canvas. That is, until I saw a beautiful fluid painting with a resin finish on Instagram. That artist simply changed my path. What was this magic resin that they were using? I had to dive in! Once I started using Art Resin, it became an absolute obsession. It is a delicate product that require a little bit of patience - which was something in truth, I never really brought into the studio. But there I was with my popsicle sticks, tooth pics, sander, gloves and my absolute fav - the blowtorch. The first few pieces that I did, were love at first sight. I knew I was onto something when I showed my work to a few friends that came by and they squealed before they spoke. So my resin journey began. A few months later, I found my second gallery representation in Miami in the Wynwood Art District. To make the stepping stone even more perfect, was the fact that the very pieces that they chose for the gallery show, were the first resin works that sent me down this beautiful path.

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