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The Artist's Voice

Blue Lagoon

Everyone has something to say. With the rise of social media platforms everyone has something to say all the time, about everything and nothing, and it all seems to be directed and projected at you, whether you asked for it or not. I am a fan of social media to a certain extent (yes, I see the irony here), but sometimes it is just a lot of unwanted noise and without checks and balances it can destroy your pure thoughts and connection with your own self. Art for me, is that pure place, where you regain that connection and can get lost in a world of nothingness and something all at the same time.

I just recently found myself painting an emotional, politically charged piece. I guess the current state of affairs seeped into my psyche more than I thought. The result? I was angry, frustrated, confused and very negative. When I would step back from my piece, I did not feel happy. My soul was dark. Even though what I produced was really good from an art perspective, I painted over it. With each brush stroke, I felt my soul waking up again and getting lighter. Art for me, needs to elicit positive energy and brightness. The world outside can break your spirit, but I want a world where I can get lost in, and where I can smile from within.

Where do you want art to take you? Do you want to arouse debate and push your viewer (or be pushed) outside of your comfort zone? Or do you want to stay on the safe side and perpetuate simplicity? Creative individuals have a powerful voice and we all have a lot to say. We need artists to be politically charged, to push the boundaries, to engage debates. I am however, not your girl. Not today at least. I want my art to fill my soul, not to question it. When I enter into my studio, I never know what I will end up painting. I can plan all I want, but I like my brain completely void and let my music take over. I want to get lost. I want to sing and dance and just let the paint guide me. I want to feel the beauty of the world around me and I want that reflected in my work. My hope is that you can get lost too and that you can find solace in something so simple and pure. Let's leave the politics for another avenue and for another day - preferably tomorrow.

The Road Less Travelled

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