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Gettin' Real

Social media allows you to share only what you want others to see, creating a false persona for the most part. Facebook brought about a whole new sharing world for us, a place where we can highlight our best moments, our best smiles, our amazing life where we have it all together and are living in bliss. Do I do the same? Absolutely! I only want to put out positive vibes, and dwell on that instead of the down or dark times. Even with my artwork, I will only share the part that brings me joy, and I try not to focus on the hidden frustrations and the difficulties.

This brings me around to our hidden truths and who we all are - who we really are. I would like to say that I have it all together, and that my life is glorious, and it is for the most part. Those who know me, know me well, but like most of you, I keep much of myself hidden from the everyday interactions. One thing I have always managed throughout my entire life is to keep true to myself. So here are some random things about me that you don't know.

I am more than happy to stay in my house for days on end and paint

I love to do nothing but hate being bored

I don't read books

I love to run but hate walking

My drink of choice is red wine (I am good with the cheap stuff)

Fake people and nonscence attention seekers make me crazy

The softer your soul, the more I will like you

I love all animals

Getting me to do something that does not appeal to me is near impossible

I need the sun and warmth to survive - being cold, winter, and grey days make me depressed

I love to travel and explore. I have been living in the same place now for 6 and half years and I am itching to move again

I married my soul mate and he is my world. He appreciates my idiocy

I am constantly wanting to improve and get better

I can only function around pretty things - so garages and sheds are not my thing

I love clothes that are different

I love the feel of grass and sand under my bare feet

I believe in spirits

I cherish my close friends and will hold them dear forever

I cant handle clutter - the kitchen has to be clean before I eat

Positive people are always welcome in my world

I don't cry but I am really soft

I love to be pampered but not putting anyone out

I can be lazy

I don't feel or act my age

I spend a lot of my time alone painting but never feel alone

I am much more chatty and creative in the mornings

I get seriously hangry

The ocean is my reprieve - especially tropical waters

Paddleboarding cleanses my soul

If I am not in the mood to paint, I will wait for a more positive time - I only want positive energy to come through in my work

It is very difficult to get me to leave the house for a party, but when I do, I am usually the last to leave

The passing of time scares me

I never want to have regrets

That is enough about me. So tell me a little about you! Who are you really? Life is a journey - a beautiful journey and we are all growing and evolving. I would love to hear about you and what makes up the person that you are :)

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